How much does a 10kW solar power system cost? – Updated

Before deciding to install a solar power system, people will normally ask a lot of questions. For sure, the most frequent one is this - how much does a solar power system cost? For this example, we will consider a very common system size for residential or commercial installation. And, that… Read More

11 months ago

Solar Panels for Homes Today: The Definitive Guide

The installation of solar panels for homes becomes a widely interesting topic nowadays. This matter of discussion is timely — considering the cost of electricity bill increases almost every year. Thus, finding ways to reduce electric energy consumption from the utility is a must-do thing. Without a doubt, installing solar… Read More

1 year ago

Solar Microgrid Facts You Should Know

For the past few years, more industries, institutions, and communities utilize solar microgrids to answer their power needs. Indeed, it is true for remote places where electricity from the utility grid is far from reach. Hence, the solar microgrid system is easily becoming one of the leading renewable energy solutions… Read More

1 year ago

Solar PV Design Example Grid-Connected Project

This article aims to provide the readers with a step-by-step tutorial in creating a design and simulation for a simple 500kWp grid-connected solar PV project. This solar PV design tutorial will utilize PV*Sol Premium 2019 in doing the calculations, solar panels arrangement, shading analysis, financial analysis and preparing the reports… Read More

2 years ago

PV*Sol Premium Step-by-Step Installation Guide – 2020 Update

In this article, the readers will be guided step-by-step on how to install PV*Sol Premium to their Windows computers. PV*Sol Premium Overview PV*Sol Premium is a fantastic tool in designing solar PV systems that was developed by the software company called Valentine Software. This tool enables the user to create… Read More

2 years ago

Surprising Facts about Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Technology – 2020 Update

Solar PV technology is becoming more popular nowadays. One of the main reasons is that it is a renewable  source of energy and infinitely abundant in nature. It sparks great interest to a lot of people, so, let us expound more about it in this article. What is solar PV?… Read More

2 years ago

Top 5 Features Solar PV Simulation Software must have

What is a Solar PV Software? In order to get the estimated solar energy yield of a PV system, creating a computer simulation is required. This can be done by utilizing a solar PV software. It is an application wherein the user inputs the following information as listed below. As… Read More

2 years ago

Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages (2020)

Learning about the solar energy advantages and disadvantages is essential, especially, when you are planning to install a solar power system. Knowing the pros and cons of solar energy will be necessary before you buy and install solar panels on your property. The balance between the benefits and drawbacks of… Read More

2 years ago