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NTPC Seeks Bidders on 1150 MW of Solar and 150 MW/150 MWh of ESS in Cuba

NTPC has issued a request for qualification (RFQ) to select developers for 1,150 MW grid-connected solar power projects spread across 175 locations, as well as 150 MW/150 MWh battery energy storage systems (BESS) at three Cuban locations.

In January 2022, NTPC announced a solar tender for 900 MW of capacity in Cuba. Now, the company has released an RFQ round for 1.15 GW of PV and 150 MW/150 MWh of storage capacity.

It was noted that the West Bengal Power Development Corporation (WBPDCL), Monnet Ispat & Energy, and the publicly traded NTPC have all had their mining leases terminated by the coal ministry. This is a result of missed output targets and delays in the operationalization of coal blocks, the Parliament was informed on Monday.

The scope of work includes the project’s design, financing, construction, installation, commissioning, operation and transfer, and dismantling.

Deadline for Bid Submission

The deadline for bids is September 9, 2022.

At the request for the proposal stage, bid security must be submitted.

For the installation of 900-megawatt (MW) solar projects in Cuba, as well as for the installation of 100 MW and 50 MW solar capacity in Malawi and Niger, respectively, the company received project management consulting (PMC) contract.

To be Awarded in 3 Buckets

Solar PV project capacity will be awarded in three buckets of approximately 300 MW each, all tendered concurrently. A single bidder may compete in one or all three blocks with a minimum capacity of 50 MW.

The L1 bidder will be chosen based on the lowest tariff offered for a minimum of 50 MW capacity in a block, and the remaining bidders will be labeled L2 and L3. In terms of storage capacity, each of the three locations will house 50 MW/50 MWh.

Tender Launched by NTPC

The tender was launched by NTPC in its capacity as Project Management Consultant (PMC) on behalf of the tendering authority, Union Electrica de Cuba (UNE). 

The winners will sign a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the latter.

The UNE has already acquired land for solar power projects, and it has identified land for BESS components.

Bidder Qualifications

Here is the summary of the qualifications for bidders in order to be able to receive the project award.

Designed, Built, and Operated

Bidders must have designed, built, and operated at least one grid-connected solar power project in Latin and South America with a total capacity of 15 MW. 

Each project of this type should have a minimum capacity of 5 MW. 

They may also qualify if they have designed, built, and operated one or more power projects in Latin and South America with a minimum cumulative capacity of 40 MW using any power generation technology.

Bidders may also qualify if they have designed, built, and operated at least three grid-connected solar power projects with a total capacity of at least 50 MW. 

Each project of this type should have a minimum capacity of 15 MW. 

They may also qualify if they designed, built, and operated one or more power projects connected to the grid anywhere in the world, regardless of technology, with a minimum cumulative capacity of 700 MW.


Bidders must have at least $40 million in net worth or equivalent, as well as a net worth to total assets ratio of at least 15%. 

If the bidder is a consortium with multiple reference sponsors, each of which is a separate legal entity, the consortium leader must have a net worth of at least $20 million or equivalent. 

The reference sponsors must have a net worth of at least $40 million or equivalent, and each reference sponsor must have a net worth to total assets ratio of at least 15%.

How big is the 1150 MW solar project?

The 1.15GW solar project, if installed in one facility, will be built on more than 6,000 acres of land in the Republic of Cuba. We are talking about 24.28 square kilometers of the land area here. But, that is just 0.02% of the total land area of this country.

This project will be comprised of at least 2 million solar panels, depending on the solar module efficiency.

NTPC History

NTPC Limited, formerly known as National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, is an Indian public sector enterprise engaged in electricity generation and related activities. The company’s headquarters are located in New Delhi.

The NTPC invited expressions of interest in December 2020 for the solarization of the ISA’s 47 least developed countries and small island developing states.

The company was awarded the mission administration consultancy (PMC) contract for establishing 900 megawatt (MW) solar projects in Cuba, as well as similar contracts in Malawi and Niger to set up 100 MW and 50 MW solar capacity, respectively.

Following Mali (500 MW) and Togo (285 MW), these are the countries where India’s largest energy generation utility has been awarded PMC contracts by ISA, the first treaty-based worldwide authorities organization headquartered in India.

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