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Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar Energy is one of the most abundant and inexhaustible form of energy that is available on Earth. Aside from being clean, it is also considered as renewable since it originates from the Sun, which almost never runs out, at least, not until millions of years later. The energy from the sun is, in other words, a sustainable form of energy.

Now, what advantages and disadvantages are there when we speak about solar energy? This is an important question that people will ask if they have not adopted solar energy yet. The balance between the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy is the key factor for people to decide whether they will go for solar or not. So, here are the lists of solar energy pros and cons:

Sun rays beaming solar energy in the morning.

Advantages or Pros of Solar Energy

1. Source of energy (Sunlight) is readily available almost anywhere
2. Clean source of energy
3. Cuts down monthly electricity bills from electrical utilities
4. Helps the power suppliers in supplying the electricity demands of customers
5. Renewable energy source
6. Reduces dependence on fossil fuels or oil and gas
7. Has diverse applications or uses
8. Gives return on investments
9. Low maintenance costs
10. Can be stored in batteries for later use
11. Can give you the ability to live grid-free
12. Eco-friendly or Environment-friendly
13. Enhances the value of home or building
14. Has a long system life span
15. Creates jobs and means of living
16. Promotes green advocacy of individuals or companies
17. Helps in promoting the use of electric cars and vehicles
18. Reduces carbon footprints or emissions
19. Solar technology is becoming more efficient and advanced year after year
20. Costs of solar panels are improving and becoming cheaper
21. Can supply power to remote areas
22. Can be used to provide shading to rooftop equipment (AC units)
23. Does not produce noise or disturbances
24. Straight forward system installation
25. Can be monitored online daily or hourly

Disadvantages or Cons of Solar Energy

1. Starting costs can be expensive
2. Requires large area or space for the system setup or solar panel installation
3. Shading from trees and other buildings easily disrupts solar energy generation
4. Solar energy production is dependent on the weather
5. Price for energy storage or batteries is expensive
6. Improper installation might cause property damage/electrocution
7. Can add to the wear and tear of old buildings because of the additional weight loads on roofs
8. Improper recycling of materials can cause environmental issues

Solar panels installed on a ground-mounted structure

Is solar energy right for you?

In conclusion, it is a big decision to adopt solar energy for those people who are planning to install a solar PV or solar thermal systems on their own property units. There is a need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy so that they will know whether it suits their needs or not. It is always good to do a research and to acquire more information about the factors involved when it comes to installing a solar energy system because what they need ultimately is a system that will generate solar energy efficiently and effectively.

Let me know in the comments section if you have anything to add on the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

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