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Off-Grid Solar Power System: 9 Reasons To Invest Your Money On It

We see a lot of hype among people today to go ahead and join the solar revolution. We observe many of them investing their money to buy Off-Grid Solar Power Systems. If you are wondering whether it is the right thing to do or not, you have come to the right place.

High Return On Investment (ROI)

Besides the fact that solar panels last long and often require minimal maintenance, they offer massive ROI. For instance, if you were using generators before and save $150 every month after installing a DIY off-grid solar power system, it would take approximately 5 years to break even on your solar panels investment. But because fuel rates are always on an upward trend, your monthly savings will continue to increase over time. Thus, guaranteeing you even shorter payback period before you start enjoying the full benefit of pure and free power supply throughout the life of your off-grid solar power system.

Now, we will let you know about 9 of the most prominent reasons on why you should invest your money in getting an Off-Grid Solar Power System.

1. Using solar power is good for our world.

Solar energy can be considered as a renewable source of energy. If you are on a mission to reduce your carbon footprint, it is a good option available out there to consider. Most of the people in today’s world rely on fossil fuels to cater their energy requirements. However, fossil fuel burning can trigger a large number of negative effects, which can disturb the world we live in. For example, it can release carbon monoxide, which can contribute towards global warming. Therefore, it is worthy to take a look at solar power and go ahead with it. (Source)

You don’t need to worry about negative impact created on the environment by going forward with solar energy. Hence, you can be proud about the investment you have made as well. It can help you to contribute a lot towards a sustainable future.

2. Off-grid solar power would cause reduced loss of electricity.

When you are relying on the national grid, electricity has to be transported from the power plants to your home. This is done through a system of extensive networks. However, long distance transmission of power can contribute towards loss of power. When you are using an Off-Grid Solar Power System, you can make sure that such an energy loss would not take place.

You just need to get a solar panel installed on top of your roof and you can easily increase energy efficiency. In fact, your energy source would become domestic. This will provide you with the chance to take care of your own bills as well as your own energy usage. On top of that, Off-Grid Solar Power Systems are durable. Therefore, you will not have to go through the frustration associated with interruptions as well.

3. You can make your home off the grid.

We have seen a reduction in the price of solar panel systems in the past. Due to the same reason, more people are investing their money on it. Along with that, it can help you to make your home off the grid.

You will be catering your own energy requirements with the solar panel system that is installed on top of the roof. This can provide you with a great overall experience at the end of the day. You will fall in love with the results that you can get out of it as well.

Any person who is looking forward to enjoy electricity independence can invest money and go for an Off-Grid Solar Power System. A 4kW solar panel system is more than enough for an average home to get the energy requirements catered. It is the most common size for a domestic Off-Grid Solar Power System as well. Once you make the investment, you can easily protect yourself from the increases of utility prices. Along with that, you will be provided with the opportunity to enjoy cheap electricity throughout the year.

This is the most convenient method available for a homeowner to become energy independent. In addition to that, the batteries that come along with the solar system can be used to store energy and use them for your needs at the night time. You will fall in love with this flexibility as well.

4. You don’t have to pay for solar energy.

As mentioned earlier, solar energy is one of the most cost-effective methods available out there to get your electricity requirements catered. That’s because you don’t have to make a payment to obtain solar energy. You just need to make a one-time investment to purchase the Off-Grid Solar Power System. Then you can keep on using the freely available solar energy to get all your electricity requirements catered along with time. This will be something that you will fall in love with.

The amount you spend to purchase an Off-Grid Solar Power System will be a long-term investment. That’s because it is a one-time investment, which can help you to receive free energy for at least 25 years. When you do the calculations, you will be able to figure out how much money you are saving in the long run.

Apart from generating electricity, you can think about using solar energy for heating purposes as well. This is a secondary application associated with solar energy. You can get that done easily by deploying a solar thermal system, which is converting sunlight into a heating solution.

5. You can get them installed on your rooftop.

You don’t have to allocate a lot of space to get an Off-Grid Solar Power System. By simply having the solar panels installed on top of your roof, you can do it successfully. Then you will be able to use them to cater all the energy requirements of the house. The battery and inverter would not consume a lot of storage space at your home as well. Hence, you can easily accommodate a one to your home.

6. You can create business out of stored solar power.

In areas where power from the grid is unstable, power outage is very common. This affects many people and even businesses since most of them operate using electricity. This can be an opportunity to build a business off the stored electrical energy from your off-grid solar power system.

By installing a small stall with battery chargers to charge electronic devices in exchange for some amount of money, this is a win-win for everyone. Mobile phones, laptops, rechargeable flashlights and other devices will be recharged by your off-grid system. This will be extremely useful for travelers, backpackers or even the local community who depends on their devices for communication, education, business, etc.

With this idea, not only it does bring you another stream of income but also it gives a useful service to the people around you.

7. Off-grid solar also brings light at night.

Just because your source of power is the sun doesn’t mean you won’t have electricity during the night. This is very true for an off-grid solar power system. Since it charges your battery bank during the day with energy from the sun, you can install a battery storage system however large as you like.

The bigger your storage is, the more reliable your system will be. Having an off-grid solar power system with battery banks is one of the best solutions you can have, especially, if you have a business that has crucial operations 24 hours a day. If you have this type of system, you will not worry about your light and electricity source during the night.

8. Off-grid solar is a smart alternative to rural areas.

For rural areas where there is limited to no electricity at all, having an off-grid power system is a smart choice. This allows homeowners to harness the free energy coming from the sun and be able to use their appliances.

The people who use diesel generators in rural areas will gain the benefits of an off-grid solar technology in a lot of ways. It reduces their fuel consumption and minimizes their carbon footprint. This way, they not only save money but also they save the environment.

9. You keep the environment clean and green.

Investment on an off-grid solar system also helps in keeping the environment clean and green. The solar panels together with the inverter and wiring system utilizes sunlight. Thus, it avoids the use fossil fuels which contributes to the pollution of the surrounding areas.

Pollution affects the environment so bad to the point where oceans, plants, animals and human beings are becoming the direct recipients of its detrimental effects. This is truly evident in today’s world and there is an urgent call to do something about it.

With the solar technology, fuel consumption can be reduced as well as the carbon emission. This is one of the main reasons why solar is environment-friendly and a popular renewable energy source.

Final Words

Now you are convinced on why you should go ahead and get an Off-Grid Solar Power System installed at your home. With that in mind, you can look for a reliable service provider and get your solar energy system installed at home. Simply contact few of the service providers, take a look at their reputation, obtain quotes and go for your decision. You will fall in love with all the benefits that come along with it.

Finally, you need to know the cost of the whole system when you have a firm decision to invest on solar energy. Check how much you will potentially spend for your solar power system. This article about the cost analysis of a 10kW solar system will give you a good idea.

Off-Grid Solar Power System: 9 Reasons To Invest Your Money On It
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