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How much do solar panels weigh

How Much Do Solar Panels Weigh? Actual Facts, kg/sq.m., PSF, Watt/kg

If you’re looking to install solar panels on your roof, it’s important to understand how much weight they’ll add into your housetop. So, how much do solar panels weigh? The most commonly used solar panels for residential and commercial applications weigh 24.73 kilograms or 54.52 pounds on average.

Their weight range starts from 17.5 to 34.5 kg per module, with power capacities of 320 to 670 Watts. It’s a bit wide of a range so we break them down below into different categories.

With regards to their dimensions, the solar panel surface area is 2.22 square meters or 23.87 square feet on average. That means solar modules will add 11.16 kilograms per square meter, or 2.29 psf (pounds per square foot) when installed on the roof.

After doing the needed research and data collection, the result shows diverse weight for each type, size and capacity of solar panels.

Solar Panel Weight: Details Presented in a Table

solar panels weight

The table below shows us the weight of each solar panels along with their power capacity and model name. When processing the gathering of data, only the manufacturers who have produced the most solar panels in the recent years were considered. The solar panel weight data has been created based on the datasheets of their latest products.

By going through their website one by one, we have come up with this solar panel power vs. weight list.

This list is sorted based on how much the solar panels weigh; from the lightest to the heaviest. And, for each model, only the highest capacity was displayed here.

Brand – ModelPower (Wp)Weight (kg)Weight (lb)
LG Electronics LG380Q1C-V538017.538.581
LG Electronics LG370N1C-N53701839.683
JA Solar JAM60S10 350 MR35018.741.226
Renesola JC320S-24/Bbpw3201941.888
Suntech HISpec_STP365S_A66_Ssh3651941.888
Renesola JC330S-Bbc33019.542.990
REC Solar REC380AA38019.542.990
VSUN VSUN370-120M-BB37019.643.211
QCells Q.PEAK DUO L-G8-36036019.943.872
Jetion JT380SHh3802044.092
ZNShine ZXM6-NH12038020.545.195
Risen RSM132-6-385M G2.3 Plus38520.545.195
JA Solar JAM60S20 390 MR39020.545.195
REC Solar REC405AA Pure40520.545.195
Talesun TP6L60M3802146.297
Seraphim SRP-340-6PA-HV34021.547.399
JA Solar JAM54S30 415 MR41521.547.399
LG Electronics LG425N2W-L542521.547.399
SunPower SPR-A450-COM45021.647.620
VSUN VSUN405-108M-BB40521.848.061
BYD MIK-36-SERIES-5BB41021.848.061
ET Solar ETM385-723852248.502
Jinko JKM415M-54HL4-V4152248.502
Trina Solar TallmaxM_DE15H(II)4202248.502
Suntech Ultra_V_mini_STP410S_C54_Umhm41022.148.722
Jetion JT415SEh41522.248.943
JA Solar JAM72S10 420 MR42022.750.045
Renesola JC380S-24/Abpw3802350.706
QCells Q.PEAK DUO L-G7-4054052350.706
Risen RSM144-6-420M G2.3 Plus4202350.706
Jinergy JNMM144(166)45523.351.368
LONGi LR4-72HPH-460M 46023.351.368
Renesola JC390S-Abc39023.551.809
REC Solar REC450AA 7245023.551.809
Seraphim SRP-450-BMA-HV45023.551.809
URE Solar D1K410H4A41023.752.249
Jetion JT455SGh4552452.911
AE Solar AE460MD-1204602452.911
BYD MGK-36-45545524.153.131
Jinko JKM460M-60HL4-V46024.253.352
Canadian Solar HiKu_CS3W-MS46524.353.572
URE Solar FAK450E8G45024.453.793
Jolywood JW-HD108N42524.554.013
QCells Q.PEAK DUO L-G6-42542524.554.013
QCells Q.PEAK DUO L-G8-43043024.554.013
JA Solar JAM72S20 470 MR47024.754.454
Phono Solar PS455M6-20/UH4552555.116
Risen RSM156-6-455M G2.3 Plus4552555.116
SunPower SPR-E20-435-COM43525.455.997
SunPower SPR-X21-470-COM47025.455.997
Talesun TP6L72M45525.556.218
Trina Solar TallmaxM_DE15V(II)4902657.320
AE Solar AE505MD-1325052657.320
ZNShine ZXM8-SP15050526.558.422
Phono Solar PS505M6-22/WH5052759.525
Seraphim SRP-540-BMA-HV5402759.525
AE Solar AE550MD-1445502759.525
LONGi LR5-72HPH-550M 55027.259.966
Jinergy JNMM144(182)55027.460.407
Canadian Solar HiKu5_CS3Y-P55027.861.288
Jinko  JKM550M-72HL4-V5502861.729
ZNShine ZXM7-SP14454028.562.832
VSUN VSUN550-144MH55028.663.052
JA Solar JAM72S30 550 MR55028.663.052
BYD MLTK-36-SERIES 5355352963.934
Jetion JT550SGh5502963.934
Talesun TP7F72M5502963.934
Phono Solar PS550M6-24/TH5502963.934
Risen RSM110-8-550M5502963.934
AE Solar AE595MD-1565952963.934
Suntech Ultra_V_Pro_N-type_STP570S_C72_Vmh57029.164.154
Suntech Ultra_V_STP550S_C72_Vmh55029.464.816
Canadian Solar HiKu5_CS3N-MS6103168.343
Talesun TP7F78M59031.569.446
Suntech Ultra_X_STP600S_D60_Wmh60031.569.446
Jolywood JW-HD144N56532.571.650
Canadian Solar HiKu7_CS7N-MS67034.475.839
Waare WSMD-66566534.576.059
Suntech Ultra_X_Plus_STP670S_D66_Wmh67034.576.059

Top 15 Solar Panel With The Highest Power-to-Weight Ratio

The solar panel that has the highest power-to-weight ratio is the 380Wp LG solar panel. It pumps out 21.71 Watts for every kilogram it weighs.

It is then followed by SunPower’s SPR-A450-COM which has a Watt/kg value of 20.833.

So, here are the top 15 solar panels with the highest power-to-weight ratio. This is important to know when you want to have a solar panel with the high power capacity for every unit weight it has.

Brand – ModelPower (Wp)Watt/kg
LG Electronics LG380Q1C-V538021.7143
SunPower SPR-A450-COM45020.8333
LG Electronics LG370N1C-N537020.5556
AE Solar AE595MD-15659520.5172
AE Solar AE550MD-14455020.3704
LONGi LR5-72HPH-550M 55020.2206
Jinergy JNMM144(182)55020.0730
Seraphim SRP-540-BMA-HV54020.0000
Canadian Solar HiKu5_CS3Y-P55019.7842
LG Electronics LG425N2W-L542519.7674
REC Solar REC405AA Pure40519.7561
LONGi LR4-72HPH-460M 46019.7425
Canadian Solar HiKu5_CS3N-MS61019.6774
Jinko  JKM550M-72HL4-V55019.6429
Suntech Ultra_V_Pro_N-type_STP570S_C72_Vmh57019.5876

Which Solar Panel Has The Lightest Weight Per Unit Area?

When it comes to the solar panel with the lightest weight for every unit area, LG again bags the award with their 380Wp module which only weighs 10.132 kilograms per square meter or 2.075 pounds per square foot.

Listed below are the top 10 lightest solar panels in terms of kg/sq.m. value.

Brand – Modelkg/
LG Electronics LG380Q1C-V510.1322.075
LG Electronics LG425N2W-L510.3742.125
AE Solar AE595MD-15610.3882.128
LG Electronics LG370N1C-N510.4212.134
Seraphim SRP-540-BMA-HV10.4472.140
AE Solar AE550MD-14410.4612.143
VSUN VSUN370-120M-BB10.6142.174
SunPower SPR-A450-COM10.6352.178
LONGi LR5-72HPH-550M 10.6412.180
Jinergy JNMM144(182)10.7202.196

Solar Panels With 300W+ Capacity

PV modules with the capacity of 300W to 399W weighs 44.484 lbs or 20.178 kg on average.

Brand – ModelPower (Wp)Weight (kg)Weight (lb)kg/
LG Electronics LG380Q1C-V538017.538.58110.1322.075
LG Electronics LG370N1C-N53701839.68310.4212.134
JA Solar JAM60S10 350 MR35018.741.22611.1162.277
Renesola JC320S-24/Bbpw3201941.88811.6792.392
Suntech HISpec_STP365S_A66_Ssh3651941.88810.8332.219
REC Solar REC380AA38019.542.99011.1522.284
Renesola JC330S-Bbc33019.542.99011.7362.404
VSUN VSUN370-120M-BB37019.643.21110.6142.174
QCells Q.PEAK DUO L-G8-36036019.943.87211.1042.274
Jetion JT380SHh3802044.09210.9792.249
JA Solar JAM60S20 390 MR39020.545.19511.0162.256
Risen RSM132-6-385M G2.3 Plus38520.545.19511.1142.276
ZNShine ZXM6-NH12038020.545.19511.2532.305
Talesun TP6L60M3802146.29711.5282.361
Seraphim SRP-340-6PA-HV34021.547.39911.0802.269
ET Solar ETM385-723852248.50211.3502.325
Renesola JC380S-24/Abpw3802350.70611.8542.428
Renesola JC390S-Abc39023.551.80911.8452.426

Solar Panels With 400W+ Capacity

For solar modules with the capacity of 400W to 499W, the average weight is 51.776 lbs or 23.485 kg.

Brand – ModelPower (Wp)Weight (kg)Weight (lb)kg/
REC Solar REC405AA Pure40520.545.19511.0802.269
JA Solar JAM54S30 415 MR41521.547.39911.0102.255
LG Electronics LG425N2W-L542521.547.39910.3742.125
SunPower SPR-A450-COM45021.647.62010.6352.178
BYD MIK-36-SERIES-5BB41021.848.06110.8352.219
VSUN VSUN405-108M-BB40521.848.06111.1672.287
Jinko JKM415M-54HL4-V4152248.50211.2662.307
Trina Solar TallmaxM_DE15H(II)4202248.50210.9622.245
Suntech Ultra_V_mini_STP410S_C54_Umhm41022.148.72211.3042.315
Jetion JT415SEh41522.248.94311.3552.326
JA Solar JAM72S10 420 MR42022.750.04511.3112.317
QCells Q.PEAK DUO L-G7-4054052350.70611.4142.338
Risen RSM144-6-420M G2.3 Plus4202350.70611.4602.347
Jinergy JNMM144(166)45523.351.36810.7202.196
LONGi LR4-72HPH-460M 46023.351.36810.7202.196
REC Solar REC450AA 7245023.551.80911.1032.274
Seraphim SRP-450-BMA-HV45023.551.80910.8122.214
URE Solar D1K410H4A41023.752.24911.8922.436
AE Solar AE460MD-1204602452.91111.0902.271
Jetion JT455SGh4552452.91111.0422.262
BYD MGK-36-45545524.153.13111.0882.271
Jinko JKM460M-60HL4-V46024.253.35211.2142.297
Canadian Solar HiKu_CS3W-MS46524.353.57211.0002.253
URE Solar FAK450E8G45024.453.79311.0452.262
Jolywood JW-HD108N42524.554.01312.5032.561
QCells Q.PEAK DUO L-G6-42542524.554.01311.4362.342
QCells Q.PEAK DUO L-G8-43043024.554.01311.4362.342
JA Solar JAM72S20 470 MR47024.754.45411.1172.277
Phono Solar PS455M6-20/UH4552555.11611.5482.365
Risen RSM156-6-455M G2.3 Plus4552555.11611.5252.360
SunPower SPR-E20-435-COM43525.455.99711.7482.406
SunPower SPR-X21-470-COM47025.455.99711.7482.406
Talesun TP6L72M45525.556.21811.7322.403
Trina Solar TallmaxM_DE15V(II)4902657.32011.0542.264

Solar Panels With 500W+ Capacity

Solar panels that have power capacities ranging from 500W to 599, their average weight is around 62.74 lbs or 28.46 kg.

Brand – ModelPower (Wp)Weight (kg)Weight (lb)kg/
AE Solar AE505MD-1325052657.32010.9592.245
ZNShine ZXM8-SP15050526.558.42211.1122.276
AE Solar AE550MD-1445502759.52510.4612.143
Phono Solar PS505M6-22/WH5052759.52511.3702.329
Seraphim SRP-540-BMA-HV5402759.52510.4472.140
LONGi LR5-72HPH-550M 55027.259.96610.6412.180
Jinergy JNMM144(182)55027.460.40710.7202.196
Canadian Solar HiKu5_CS3Y-P55027.861.28810.8432.221
Jinko  JKM550M-72HL4-V5502861.72910.8582.224
ZNShine ZXM7-SP14454028.562.83211.1502.284
JA Solar JAM72S30 550 MR55028.663.05211.0662.267
VSUN VSUN550-144MH55028.663.05211.1892.292
AE Solar AE595MD-1565952963.93410.3882.128
BYD MLTK-36-SERIES 5355352963.93411.3462.324
Jetion JT550SGh5502963.93411.2212.298
Phono Solar PS550M6-24/TH5502963.93411.2212.298
Risen RSM110-8-550M5502963.93411.0992.273
Talesun TP7F72M5502963.93411.2212.298
Suntech Ultra_V_Pro_N-type_STP570S_C72_Vmh57029.164.15411.2602.306
Suntech Ultra_V_STP550S_C72_Vmh55029.464.81611.3762.330
Talesun TP7F78M59031.569.44611.2692.308
Jolywood JW-HD144N56532.571.65012.5422.569

Solar Panels With 600W+ Capacity

As of the present, there are not so many modules that has reached 600W power capacity. But, as listed below, their average weight is around 33.18 kg or 73.15 lbs. These modules will need at least two people when lifting them up.

Brand – ModelPower (Wp)Weight (kg)Weight (lb)kg/
Canadian Solar HiKu5_CS3N-MS6103168.34310.9542.243
Suntech Ultra_X_STP600S_D60_Wmh60031.569.44611.1302.280
Canadian Solar HiKu7_CS7N-MS67034.475.83911.0742.268
Suntech Ultra_X_Plus_STP670S_D66_Wmh67034.576.05911.1062.275
Waare WSMD-66566534.576.05911.1062.275

What Makes The Solar Panel Weigh More?

To answer this question, we need to look at the components that make up a solar module.

The majority of the panel weight comes from the tempered glass, which is also used for cell protection. When the solar panel power capacity increases, it means it also requires more solar cells. More solar cells mean bigger module area. This area will need some protection from external forces. So, the glass also increase in weight based on how much surface needs covering in the solar module.

Moreover, the same goes with the aluminum frames. It’s weight also increases along with the size of the module.

The rest of the materials are pretty standard in weight. So, what makes the solar panel weigh more is really all about the amount of glass and aluminum frame it requires to keep it intact.

Can a Solar Panel be Lifted by a Single Person?

2 people carrying solar pv module

Most solar panels can be lifted up by one person only. However, this is not advisable to do especially when working at heights.

The best practice is to follow the installations manual of the solar panel on how to install it. Solar panel manufacturers will always encourage at least two individuals to carry a single solar module.

Also keep in mind, that bifacial solar panels weigh more than mono-facial modules. They are more likely to be composed of glass on their front and back sides. It is adding about 5 to 10 kg (11 – 22 lbs) more to its weight compared to traditional ones.


Use the knowledge you have gained to calculate the weight of your solar panel system. The data we have presented here can be a good reference for you. When you calculate the average weight of your solar panel system, just make sure you use the appropriate average weight as per your module category.

With this, you can now determine whether your roof is capable of supporting solar panels or not. Along with the mounting structures and other accessories, it will end up weighing about 3-4 pounds per square foot. Just compute the total system weight and see if your roof is capable of supporting it.

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How Much Do Solar Panels Weigh? Actual Facts, kg/sq.m., PSF, Watt/kg
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